10 Simple Ayurveda-Inspired Daily Habits for a Great New Year!

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Set your intention to build a daily routine that supports your health and happiness. These Ayurveda-inspired daily habits are shaped to keep you healthy throughout winter but can be easily adjusted for year-round wisdom and health. 

Read all 10 tips. You should find that one or two genuinely resonate with you and seem doable. Or you could commit to a good handful of them. My suggestion is to start with the first one that you feel you can really accomplish. Do it for a week or a month, then see where it takes you. After a month, add another one. In 10 months, you will have a whole new routine!

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  1. Hone Your Schedule

    Go to bed, wake up, and eat around the same time every day. I swear by this. Getting regular sleep is especially important.

  2. Eat Freshly Cooked Meals

    Keep your meals simple this season and easy to digest. I add extra ginger and cinnamon to my meals. They are warming and help with digestion, mood, and energy. Also, I limit and even avoid eating salads or raw foods, as they are cooling in the body. Instead, opt for yummy soups and kitchari.

    Kitchari soup for good health

  3. Sip Warm/Hot Water Throughout the Day

    If you do only one thing, this could be it—so simple and big results. Hydration is important for this season particularly. Not only is the air around you dry, but your inner body, organs, and tissues are also drying out this season. I often add lemon or lime. Occasionally, I add a little honey for a treat.

  4. Avoid Iced Beverages

    This is good practice all year, especially all winter and spring.

  5. Move Your Body Daily

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    Even a few minutes can be rejuvenating. While a complete yoga practice is a wonderful addition to your day, try practicing a pose or two when time is scarce. In the morning or afternoon, a few Sun Salutations can reenergize. In the evening, try a few restorative poses. 

  6. Get Outside for a Walk

    This is extra important in winter. A few minutes of walking in the sunshine can boost your Vitamin D and lift your mood, and can help you sleep better at night. Whenever I go outside, and truth be told, even when I stay inside, I cover my head, ears, and neck with cozy warmth. Keeping the windy, cool qualities out of your ears and away from your neck can help you stay warm and grounded all season.

  7. Take a Day of Silence to Rest Your Senses

    You can take a day once during the winter or a few hours. Even an hour can be a wonderful respite. Or better yet, take a day to stay in your pajamas for a home retreat! Turn off your cell phone, computer, and television. Spend time doing yoga, soaking in a warm bath, journaling, playing music, creating art, meditating, writing a letter, or cooking.

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  8. Do Sesame Self Massage

    Rub a few drops of sesame oil to the crown of your head and feet before bed. Or, if you have time, do the whole body with a self-massage, Abyanga. This is my favorite. It’s worth a try if you haven’t done this before!

  9. Practice Warming Meditation, Journaling and Gratitude

    Gratitude journaling is one of my favorite ways to recalibrate.

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  10. Take Time for Complete Renewal and Self-Care

    Do this regularly: one hour a week, or one day a month, or one weekend a season, or one week even! In fact, plan your winter melting—and spring renewal—now!

Reprinted with permission from jillianpransky.com.
Jillian Pransky

Jillian Pransky, author of Deep Listening, is a certified Yoga Therapist recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. She leads The Art of Conscious Rest: Restorative Teacher Training Online and is a featured teacher at respected holistic learning centers internationally, including Esalen, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and Omega Institute.
Learn more about her work at jillianpransky.com.

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