Learning New Actions in Poses: How Props Can Advance Your Yoga Practice

Leeann Carey has more than 25 years of experience teaching yoga, both nationally and internationally. She is the founder of and creator of Yapana Master Yoga Intensive, a 300-hour yoga therapy and continuing yoga education program, which focuses on educating yoga

The Supreme Journey of Life - Quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar

With this blog post, we continue our series of quotes from renowned yoga masters, who have devoted their life to the practice of yoga and meditation. We hope you, as we have, will find inspiration and guidance for your yoga

Menopause, Anxiety, and Yoga

My brain went wacky around 50. I have a loving husband and great kids, yet I was not enjoying my life. Menopause had bestowed on me one of its gifts—anxiety. The hamster on the wheel in my brain began running