Healthy Yoga Practice: Don’t Stretch Your Joints!

For the past few years, I’ve been on the faculty of the teacher training program at Avenues Yoga Studio in Salt Lake City. Early in the 2013 training, one student who had been teaching in a fitness studio asked a very important question.

Yoga for Back Pain: 6 Reasons Your Yoga Practice Might Be a Pain in the Neck

Many of us carry tension in our necks and when we go to a yoga class we hope to come out with our necks feeling better. But that is not always the case. There are certain things that you might

Yoga Practice Tips: Why Listening to Your Body Might Not Be Enough

If you practice yoga, you’ve probably heard the entreaty, “Listen to your body.” It’s good, sound advice. When you embark on any physical practice, it’s important to know and respect your body’s limits. Those limits can change over time, of

Working with the Fascia in Yoga: Online Yoga Talk with Yin Yoga Teacher Paul Grilley

It comes as little surprise that Yin Yoga teacher Paul Grilley, the creator of the well-known and widely-used “Anatomy of Yoga” DVD, would have insights into fascia--the connective tissue that pervades our body. YogaUOnline caught up with Paul Grilley at

10 Yoga Tips For the Holidays

I have a good friend who hates the holidays. From mid-October to mid-January she is a regular Scrooge. Rather than see the holidays as an opportunity to have some fun, she sees them as additional burdens and chores that she

Yoga for Back Pain: Are Your Tech Devices Ruining Your Posture?

Tech devices are here to stay, but increasing evidence shows they can also wreak havoc on your body and lead to serious back pain issues. Physical therapist and yoga teacher Stefanie Foster offers insights into the damaging effects of tech devices on your posture,

Yoga for Pelvic Floor Strength

My toddler has been going through a potty training process, which means learning to control his pelvic floor muscles. Not a fun experience, but I am sure he will get the hang of it eventually. Once we finish our toilet

Balancing Inner and Outer - Iyengar Yoga Teacher Dona Holleman on the Benefits of Centered Yoga

Our daily life is for the majority spent in the outgoing mode, which can make us aggressive and harried. There is that other mode of being that is available to everyone, and that is of vital health to the mind

Yoga Practice Tips: 3 Moves to Avoid in Side Bending and What to Do Instead

There is this interesting thing that I observed during my years of teaching yoga – it often seems that if the student has an incredible range in bending backwards, she would probably have difficulty with pure side bending, while the

Yoga Hope for Parkinson's Patients

The sad news of beloved comic Robin William's death a little more than a year ago was followed by reports he was fighting Parkinson's disease.  His widow, Susan Schneider, revealed the star struggled with depression and anxiety during the early stages

The Surprising Truth About Stress: Research Confirms an Old Lesson from Yoga

Benjamin Franklin once said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While he was right about those two, he forgot to add a third to the list: stress. Despite our best efforts, stress remains

Yoga for a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you ever toss and turn at night, waiting to fall asleep? Or maybe you fall asleep easily but wake several times during the night. If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 60 million Americans a year experience frequent

Self Care When The Winds Of Change Blow

I've been in a big time of transition lately with moving, traveling quite a bit for work, and some shifts in professional trajectory. While change can be exciting, it can also feel at times like the rug is being pulled out

Yoga for Arthritis: Study Shows Yoga Reduces Arthritis Pain and Improves Well-being

Discomfort while walking. Pain in your hip, neck, or other joint area that wakes you up at night. Morning stiffness that can take over an hour to subside. These experiences are all-too-familiar for the one in five Americans who suffer from