The Estrogen-Breast Cancer Link: What You Can Do to Lower the Risk

Proving that breast cancer is linked to estrogen is not difficult. If a woman has her ovaries removed at a very young age, and does not receive estrogen replacement, her risk of breast cancer decreases profoundly. Of course, it’s not

Yoga May Lower Risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Study Finds

If you suffer from a combination of high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, excess body fat around the waist and high cholesterol levels, chances are you suffer from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is increasingly common, with some 50 million

Yoga May Help to Relieve The Ongoing Symptoms of Depression

Major depression is the leading cause of disability for those 15 to 44 years of age, and affects nearly 7% of Americans every year. The most common forms of treatment include psychotherapy and medication. A new study suggests that gentle

Three Steps to a Low-Stress, High-Joy Holiday Season

Last week, something surprising happened: The kids turned on the radio on the way to school hoping to hear Christmas carols on the station known for holiday music. You know, because now that we’re into November, it is, at least

Is Yoga Good for Cardiovascular Health? New Study Says Yes

Dedicated yoga practitioners often wonder whether their practice is sufficient in itself for maintaining cardiovascular health. A review of multiple studies recently published by the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology offers some of the strongest evidence so far that yoga as a

Heal Yourself: 3 Tips for Integrating Myofasical Release into Your Yoga Practice

“Once people learn the techniques to release the fascia and accumulated tension, they will see how empowering self-care can be in controlling your own healing processes.” Victoria Haffer, exercise physiologist and yoga teacher trainer. Begin with two palm-sized massage balls.

Better Eating through Mindfulness

Obesity has become a public health issue. New research suggests moment-to-moment awareness does a better job of helping people control their weight than any diet. Deborah Hill used to think she was skinny. Her 5 foot 9 inch frame could

Yoga Jumps to Position 7 in Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends

If you’ve recently incorporated more yoga into your fitness routine, you’re part of a growing trend.  Moving from the number 10 spot last year, yoga has jumped to number 7 in a survey of worldwide fitness trends for 2015.  Yoga

Is the World about to Get an International Yoga Day?

Is the world about to get an International Yoga Day? According to the Indian newspaper The Financial Express, the UN is about to declare June 21 as international World Yoga Day. Three months ago, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi made

Which Is More Effective—Yoga or Stretching?

For some, yoga just looks like sequenced stretching. New preliminary research suggests that yoga may have greater effects on increasing hip range of motion than static stretching alone, and that both are linked to greater shoulder mobility. Scientists at Laurentian

Helping the Helpers: Yoga for Trauma Stewardship

Interest in yoga as a therapeutic modality for healing trauma has grown exponentially during the past several years. More and more yoga classes are being offered in settings that serve populations with a high incidence of trauma, such as prisons,