Online Yoga Anatomy Tutorial: Doug Keller on Healthy Arm Alignment in Downward-Facing Dog

Learn how to do a proper Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) and avoid hyperextension of the elbows. Join YogaU’s wonderful yoga instructor, Doug Keller, in this Yoga Quick Tip aimed at getting the most benefits out of your Downward Dog

Research Shows Yoga May Be Helpful Adjunct Therapy for Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. There is growing evidence for the benefits of yoga for improving cardiovascular risk factors such as stress, depression, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and others for healthy adults. Less is known about yoga’s effects

Pelvic Floor Health: Why Developing Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness practices are gaining popularity and even appear to be quite trendy these days. Perhaps it is because we know, and have experienced, that there is tremendous value in being present and mindful throughout our day. We talk about mindfulness

The Changing Face of Yoga: Different Bodies, Different Needs - Charting the Road Ahead

This article first appeared as a thought leader article on the Yoga Alliance website under the title New Research Dispels Common Myths about Yoga Injuries. A few years back, an article in The New York Times, entitled “How Yoga Can Wreck

Study Indicates Yoga Can Prevent Osteoporosis-Related Bone Loss

Osteoporosis is a tremendous health concern for women over 50, causing more than 700,000 spinal fractures and more than 300,000 hip fractures each year in the United States alone. It is well known that weight-bearing exercise can help build bone

Yoga Basics: How to Keep Your Hamstrings Happy in Forward Bends

Protect your Hamstrings While Doing Yoga! “Bend your knees!” is a common cue used in yoga classes to protect the back when bending forward. Even though Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold) is traditionally done with straight legs, many people’s bodies are unable

Healthy Kids: Down Dog Brings Test Scores Up

Increased test scores, decreased disciplinary problems and happier, healthier kids is every parent and educators dream. Schools across the country are beginning to see this dream come true as they introduce yoga into their physical education programs, classroom setting and

Are You a Sensation Junkie? Yoga, Mindfulness, and the Art of Slowing Down

Years ago I took a vacation to Baja, where some friends had relocated. One morning when the beach was completely deserted, I decided to take a solitary walk. As my pace slowed due to the mushy sand and my desire

Your Daily Habits Could be Causing Your Pain (and Changes You Can Make to Find Relief)

For the past couple of years I’ve been trying to figure out this mysterious pain in the right hip that I would always get on the third day of any vacation. Did it show up because of sitting in awkward

This Yoga-Based Therapy May Help Drug-Resistant Epilepsy, According to Research

Epilepsy affects over two million Americans at an estimated cost of $15.5 billion annually. In spite of pharmacological advances, approximately 36 percent of individuals do not respond to drug treatment. This can cause considerable distress for patients and loved ones

Natasha Rizopoulos: Yoga and the Art of Mindful Living - The Number One Key to Being Present

It’s pretty hard in this day and age not to succumb to the siren call of multi-tasking. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done, so we try to do many things at once- even yoga!  Which

Doing Without Doing in Yoga Practice - Dona Holleman on the Ancient Practice of Wu Wei

Most people practice yoga asanas from the point of view of the physical body, as a purely physical exercise, writes renowned yoga teacher Dona Holleman in this article. This is called doing. Dona shares another way of approaching our practice - doing

Yoga Pose Primer: Upward Facing Dog

An energetic pose that awakens the entire body, Urdva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog) is a powerful backbend that strengthens the arms, shoulders and back muscles, lengthens the spine and opens the chest. It’s worth taking a closer look at

New Study: Mindfulness May Reduce Binge Drinking in College Students

Despite efforts at preventing it, binge drinking among college students is still a big issue, affecting students' grades, health, and overall quality of life. Can yoga and mindfulness training help? A new study suggests so. According to a 2012 study, a

Yoga and Body Image: How Yoga Can Help You Make Friends with Your Body

We’ve all heard about the amazing benefits that yoga offers the human body, from strength and balance to relaxation and better sleep. The effects of yoga are a trending research topic; so far, studies have shown that a regular yoga