Stay Healthy This Year: Yoga Offers Therapy for Every Body

Every month, it appears, brings news of more studies demonstrating the health benefits of yoga. Most recently, some of the studies we have reported on here at show yoga to bring relief for people suffering from heart failure, diabetes,

Karen O’Donnel Clarke: Bringing Freedom through Yoga for MS

Yoga instructor Karen O’Donnel Clarke works to help patients with various limiting conditions cope with their bodies’ challenges and find freedom within the boundaries. However, Clarke’s mission is not just altruistic—it is extremely personal as well. Karen O’Donnel Clarke, like

John Aplin: Back in Action through Yoga

Falling 30 feet onto jagged rocks would be a death sentence for most—or at the very least, life in a wheel chair. However, John Aplin, who survived such a fall sustaining three vertebral fractures, a broken wrist, several broken ribs,

Could Stress Be Causing Your Back Pain?

It’s not an esoteric belief or a mysterious twilight-zone connection; it’s a well-known medical fact: when we tense up psychologically, we tense up physically. And with prolonged tension, our muscles seize up and remain in their contracted position. It would

Downward Dog for the Underdogs: Yoga for Kids with Special Needs

While we may look back at childhood with rose-colored-glasses, kids often have to deal with significant stress and frustrations, which even an adult would find challenging. And, for children with developmental disorders, such stresses can be tremendously difficult to deal

How Does Yoga Help Prevent or Relieve Diabetes?

A diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes may seem to carry the weight of a life sentence, but for many people, adopting key lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet and exercise, can help manage, reduce, and even eliminate

Study: Yoga Reduces Risk Factors for Diabetes and Heart Disease

Diabetes rates have been steadily rising over the past decades, and it is estimated that 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 will develop the debilitating condition. Heart disease has attacked even more widely: according the American Heart

Yoga for Kids with Special Needs: Moving Mountains through Mountain Pose

Kami Evans, like many certified yoga instructors, was inspired to undergo yoga teacher training by seeing first hand the benefits the practice offered. However, it wasn’t her own growth and transformation that inspired her: it was her daughter’s. Before she

Cat-Cow (Marjariasana) and Cat Wheel

A Great Yoga Pose for Beginners As Well as for Back Pain Relief Cat-Cow is a very common sequence in yoga classes; it is almost as ubiquituos as Downward Dog, or Adho Mukha Swanasana. There is good reason for this.