How Meditation Can Change Business

I thought I’d read everything about mindfulness, but this was news to me: Steve Jobs was a meditator. Back in 1981, long before mindfulness meditation became a popular subject of scientific inquiry, Jobs, the cofounder and public face of Apple

Organ Prolapse and Yoga

Recently the blog received a question from a yoga teacher asking about the role of yoga to both reduce the likelihood of prolapse in her students (most of whom are middle aged mothers of at least one child), and to

Study Review on Yoga for Heart Disease Finds Early Evidence of Benefit

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. There is growing evidence for the benefits of yoga for improving cardiovascular risk factors. Less is known about yoga’s effects for those with serious heart disease. A new systematic review of

Mittohar..Or Something Like That

On my last trip to Kripalu, I was struck by the Ayurvedic concept of mittohar. Now, I’m not sure if I have the spelling correct and when I Googled it, nothing turned up. But I am quite sure that it

Natasha Rizopoulos: Keys to Refining Your Vinyasa - Part 1: Mastering Chaturanga

One of the most important transitions in a Vinyasa-based practice, is moving from Chaturanga to Urdvha Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog). When I first demonstrate this transition it often elicits an audible “aahhhh,” I think because students can instantly see how

A Practice for Mindful Living: Be Amazed

We are actually here, off to the edge of a vast floating whirlpool of stars, alive and conscious, walking and talking on a big rock circling a bigger burning ball of gas. Here, now, nearly fourteen billion years after the

Putting On the Brakes: Yoga for the Calm Commuter

Ask anyone living in a major city about what stresses them out and you’re likely to hear, “commuting” more than once. With packed public transit vehicles, heavy traffic, mechanical failures, and time pressures, commuting stress plagues millions of people from

The Case for Body-Positive Yoga Classes

Yoga is an incredible tool for learning to love your body. When I show up on the mat, or on my meditation cushion, what I am really doing is making time to be present to myself. I love the practice

The Neuroscience of How Yoga Helps Psychological Health – Part 4

With this article, Subtle Yoga founder Kristine Kaoverii Weber continues her blog series about a research paper exploring how yoga affects psychological health. This is Part 4 of the series. To start at the beginning of the blog posts click here: Neuroscience of Yoga. I have

What Do Seniors Need in a Yoga Class?

A couple of days ago I read an article titled “Yoga after 50," which made it sound as if older students practicing yoga is some sort of a novel idea. I couldn’t help but wonder – how did we manage to

Finding Your Radiance in Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Are you looking to explore the strength, balance and radiance of Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you there. Half Moon Pose (ardha = half, chandra = moon asana = pose) is an energetically expansive

Yoga and Respect: Nothing is Trivial

Yoga and Respect: It’s the Little Things I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1990. During that year Aadil Palkhivala frequented the Big Island to teach workshops. I was fortunate to get to work with him a number of

Yoga For Achy Knees

I have a lot of runner friends - like serious half marathon/marathon type runners. Their dedication amazes me and sometimes confuses me (running in the rain/snow/extreme heat)? Almost all of them also complain about their knees. I've had some pretty good

The Yoga Service Movement Matures: Stepping Up & Out at the 4th Annual YSC Conference

I’ve attended the annual Yoga Service Council (YSC) conference every year since it first started in 2012, and have always loved it. This year’s conference, however, easily ranked as the best yet. Held May 14-17 at the Omega Institute in

Trade Your Stress for Your Breath

“Soft surrender is as important as hard work.” This mantra helps me function as a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic lifestyle counselor and writer with optimal vitality, ease, and creativity. It also makes a great guiding principle for achieving dreams, fitness goals