New Study Finds Microwave Radiation Harmful for Heart

Food that is “nuked” may cause hearts to fluke: a recent study reveals that microwave ovens, often shunned by the health-conscious for their negative effects on the nutritional value of food, also negatively impact our hearts. According to, a

New Book Casts Light on How Yoga Prevents Osteoporosis

For everyone who has ever wondered: can yoga help with osteoporosis prevention—and if so, how? There's finally a book out that definitively answers the question. A Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis Co-authored by Loren Fishman, MD and Ellen Saltonstall, Yoga for Osteoporosis not

Yoga Quiz Cards Make Learning Poses Simple

We’ve all been there: the class when the teacher tells you to move into Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, and all you can think is: “what?” Well now, thanks to the people at Drishti Yoga, there’s a new, fun way to learn all

Many Turn to Yoga, CAM Where Modern Medicine Fails

Anyone who has gone to see their doctor for back pain can testify to the fact that nine times out of ten, pain killers and/or steroids are the resulting prescription. The other time: back surgery. Because of this, it’s no

New Study: Happiness Protects Against Heart Disease

Most people who practice yoga know what a great therapy it is for emotional well-being. A new study shows that that may be good therapy for your heart as well.  According to a recent report published in the February publication