Looking to Slow Down Aging? A New Study Suggests That Yoga May Help

If you are one of the many millions of maturing adults looking to slow down the hands of time the answer may be as simple as turning to your yoga mat. According to a new study, intensive daily yoga practice

Yoga Practice: The Wisdom of Krama

The Sanskrit word “krama” means to go step-by-step. This is true for life, as well as for our yoga practice. In life, all great journeys are just a sequence of many small steps over time, until the destination finally is

The Pelvic Floor in Yoga Asanas

The pelvic floor is an important and often overlooked part of the body that holds the abdominal organs in place. Often times the pelvic floor can be chronically tight and as we age, these muscles may lose their elasticity (especially if

Julie Gudmestad: Principles of Safe Hip Opening in Yoga Postures

Like tight hamstrings, tight hips can affect alignment in numerous yoga postures and even predispose you towards injury. It’s easy to spot students with tight hips, says Iyengar yoga teacher and physical therapist Julie Gudmestad in this interview. In seated

Healthy Foundations: The Feet in Yoga Asanas

Our feet are amazingly strong and provide support for us for most of our lives. This week we will work to widen the balls of the feet and learn how to use the structures of our feet to keep our

Yoga Service and Social Justice: Building Bridges at the Yoga Service Council Conference

Last month, I attended the third annual Yoga Service Council (YSC) Conference at the Omega Institute in upstate New York. For those not familiar with it, the YSC is a nonprofit, membership-based umbrella organization dedicated to developing “a community of