New Study Charts Yoga Injuries Over a 13-Year Period

A few years back, author William Broad's now infamous article in The New York Times, entitled 'How Yoga Wrecks Your Body' sent shock waves through the yoga community. Arguing that yoga injuries were 'the dirty little secret' of the yoga community,

Cool Down: 7 Steps for a Deeply Restorative Twist

Spinal twists may be the most-often-requested type of asana in my yoga classes. Not only do they feel good, but they also help keep your core muscles supple and your spine mobile. While the lumbar spine is only capable of

Improving Birth: The Mother-Baby Friendly Movement

Every mother imagines the moment when she meets her baby to be one of, if not the most, joyous and beautiful day of her life. As a mother of three, I know I did. And all three times, it was

The Sixth Limb of Yoga: Dharana

Have you ever been so fully focused on what you were doing that the rest of the world seemed to fall away? It might have happened when you were engrossed in a page-turner, playing your favorite instrument, sprinting across the

Women’s Health Postpartum: An Interview with Dr. Ginger Garner

In this interview with Yoga U Online, Dr. Ginger Garner, founder of Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, discusses her  webinar on common postpartum health issues and the potential role yoga might play in helping new

The Text Neck Syndrome: 3 Yoga Exercises to Help

What can you do about “text neck” head-forward syndrome, an increasingly common issue that affect most people working at desks and computers? And, how can yoga help?   In a blog several years ago, Dr. Timothy McCall recommended practicing a restorative

Connect Your Cuff, Save Your Wrists in Plank

One of my goals in reviewing the scientific literature is to identify information that can be translated into a practical cues that you can integrate into your practice. With this in mind, I want to call your attention to a

Review of Research Finds Yoga Relieves Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a severe, chronic condition characterized by shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness that affects an estimated that 300 million people worldwide.  At least 250,000 deaths are attributed to the disease annually. A new review of the

Slow Yoga: How to Deepen Your Practice

Countless times, students have said to me that they “can’t believe” how much any particular yoga pose hurts when you “do it right.” Indeed. The Importance of Alignment in Yoga In this world of power and vinyasa yoga classes, alignment

Four Reasons Why Every New Mom Needs Physical Therapy

New Moms Need Physical Therapy Pregnancy and childbirth exact an enormous toll on a woman’s body. It is transforming and beautiful, but when a mother does not get the physical and emotional support she needs, the effects can be devastating.

After the Baby's Birth: How Yoga and Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Postpartum Care

You may or may not realize that the United States has a very poor track record for postpartum care. In fact, the US has the worst track record for not only postpartum care, but for maternal and infant mortality and

The Role of Fascia in Healthy Movement with Yoga Therapist Yasmin Lambat

Fascia is a moist constituent tissue system that moves and shapes us from skin to bone, head to toe, on and off the yoga mat. In addition to moving and shaping us, it is the medium for communication for our system;

New Perspectives on Back Pain: Does the Thoracolumbar Fascia (TLF) Hold the Key to Healing?

If you’ve ever had an aching lower back, you’re keenly familiar with how painful it can be. Though we often point to tight muscles or disc problems as the source of pain, new insights into the fascia are revolutionizing how

Yoga as Therapy: How to Target Your Yoga Practice for Prevention

Practicing yoga enhances our health in many ways.  There are three specific avenues through which yoga practice affects our physical, mental and emotional health:  1. prevention, 2. symptom improvement, and 3. as an adjunct to other forms of treatment. Preventative Yoga

Healthy Aging: 8 Steps to Prevent or Reverse Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer's begin when you’re younger and takes decades to develop and worsen. The underlying causes start with too much sugar on the brain, says Dr. Mark Hyman in this article. Scientists now call Alzheimer’s disease “Type 3 diabetes.” What’s