The 4 Laws of Simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Leonardo da Vinci The problem with many books and guides on simplifying your clutter, your work life, your desk, and your life is that they are usually too darn complicated. We need a simple

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

If you snore, chances are pretty good that you have been made aware of it. Anyone who has ever shared a room with you has probably made sure to complain about your snoring. Other than disturbing your significant other’s sleep

Breast Cancer Stress-5 Ways Yoga Can Help Heal

As a breast cancer patient, you quickly discover that each person’s experience is unique. Depending on the diagnosis, stage of cancer development, age, family health history, and personal values, treatments vary widely. Even individuals with the same diagnosis may undergo

Does Happy Baby Pose Massage Your Kidneys?

A yoga student recently posed this question: “Does rocking side to side in Happy Baby Pose massage your kidneys? Does it compress the kidneys? And when you release, does it send them fresh blood? I am curious about this in regards

Hyperkyphosis: Is Yoga Effective?

Postural hyperkyphosis is an exaggerated anterior curvature of the thoracic spine that can lead to impaired mobility as well as an increased risk of falls and fractures. The condition has varying ranges of severity, but it always creates a rounded upper

How Healthy Is Your Nervous System: Polyvagal Theory Made Simple

Looking for ways to help reduce anxiety, stress, and negative reactions to life’s adversities? Ways to improve your nervous system health? Of course! We all go through periods in life where we wish we had a magic wand to ease

4 Yoga Practices for Respiratory Health

Because respiratory problems are so prevalent lately, I thought I’d revisit a topic that I wrote about six years ago about how you can use yoga to foster respiratory system health. Yoga practices for respiratory health can help with mild

Support Crescent Lunge with Yoga Blocks

Most of us spend an awful lot of time sitting. Desk jobs may seem easy on the body, but in reality, all that sitting can wreak havoc on our physical and cognitive health. Effects of too much sitting include foggy

Crunch No More: Try Plank Pose Variations Instead

If you were asked to describe the first thing that comes to mind with the words “core workout,” you might very well picture “crunches” (sit-ups). You know—drawing the head, neck, and shoulders up while the lower body stays stable. For

Scoliosis: How to Manage a Curvy Spine

“How did I get this crooked?” Have you ever wondered this while looking in a mirror? Maybe you thought you were standing up straight, but then you notice from photos that you actually lean to one side. Your clothes don’t

Can a Nutrient-Poor Diet Lead to Violence?

Food has been linked to a host of mood disorders. But did you know an ultra-processed, nutrient-poor diet is also linked to changes in behavior and even acts of violence? In fact, it might be partly responsible for the growing

Clarity: Develop It Through Self-Awareness

Clarity is an essential qualability (quality + ability) to embody if you want to understand who you are, how the difficulties you face make you feel, and why you react or respond to them the way you do. Clarity means

Yoga With Weights for Healthy Aging

As the birthdays roll by, from your early 30s, your muscles start to lose strength and mass. In general, it is a loss of just under one percent per year until your 60s, when the loss accelerates a little quicker for women.

Advanced Balance Poses and Chair Yoga for Senior Citizens

I have designed this series of balance poses with senior citizens in mind. But these are beneficial for anyone looking to improve their stability. Remember to always listen to your body and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel safe or