Sitting Undermines Your Health - EVEN If You Exercise

The New York Times reports that no matter how hard you work out, if you sit for the rest of the day, you are still at greater risk for all the health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle: obesity, diabetes,

Longevity Secrets of the Blue Zones

No, it's not a new miracle herb or weight loss drink from the extraterrestial planet of the Avatars, nor a fancy place on the female physiology. Yet, the Blue Zones are places you’d want to know about, and some are

New Yoga Program Seeks to Help Survivors of Domestic Violence

A new yoga program, in the Los Angeles area offers help for survivors of domestic violence. Yoga has been found to greatly reduce anxiety and depression, which often strikes people who have been subject to intense emotional trauma, and yoga

CAM, Yoga Offer More Effective Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain is an increasingly common complaint in our desk-bound society. Once mainly associated with old age, chronic low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain are now striking people at much younger ages. Unfortunately, many chronic back pain sufferers