Shoulder Alignment in Downward-Facing Dog Pose and Full Arm Balance

External rotation of the humerus in overhead motion is important for gaining the full range of motion and avoiding impingement of the greater tuberosity of the humerus on the undersurface of the acromion. We illustrate this here for two common

An Ancient Yogic Formula for Happiness: Change Your Perspective to Change Your Emotions

I used to have a rather complicated relationship with my paternal grandmother. When I was little she had a looming presence in my life, often shaming me for the smallest of real and perceived indiscretions. I grew up with this

Parvrtta Ardha Padmasana (Revolved Half Lotus): Lotus with a Twist

Padmasana (Lotus Pose) may be yoga asana’s most recognizable pose. This is a bit odd since many Westerners do not have hip joints that will perform the pose safely. Lotus Pose requires a whole lot of external rotation, more than

Working with Chronic Pain: The Yoga vs. Yoga Therapy Perspective

There is an ongoing, often heated, debate in the yoga community about the difference between a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Some feel that yoga by its nature is therapeutic, so any teacher should be able to help students with

Teaching Svadhyaya: 3 Ways to Encourage Self-Study in Yoga

As yoga teachers, our job is to teach yoga. Which means more than just teaching our students how to do yoga poses and how to breathe properly. It’s also our duty to impart some of the deeper wisdom and more

Name That Yoga Pose! Making Sense of Sanskrit - Part 2

If you read part Part 1 of this series, you may have already realized that many yoga pose names are compound terms made up of two or more common Sanskrit words. For example, Baddha Konasana means “Bound Angle Pose.” And

Yoga for Myofascial Release: A Visionary's Guide to Healing from Within - Interview with John F. Barnes

John F. Barnes, dubbed the “Father of Myofascial Release” has been one of the most influential people in the therapeutic massage profession for the greater part of five decades. He recently sat down with us to share how he came to discover the

John F. Barnes Interview Part IV: A Yoga Approach to Myofascial Release-Unwinding and Rebounding

This is Part IV of our 45-minute interview with John F. Barnes, founder of Myofascial Release. In this section, John discusses a yoga approach to Myofascial Release through unwinding and rebounding. John likens our bodies and their fascial restrictions to

John F. Barnes Interview Part III: The Different Components of Myofascial Release: Rebounding and Unwinding

In Part III of our 45-minute interview with John F. Barnes, founder of Myofascial Release, John discusses the different components of Myofascial Release: rebounding and unwinding.  What happens to the body when we go through trauma? The force is so

John F. Barnes Interview, Part II: What Facilitates Myofascial Release

This is Part II of our 45-minute interview with John F. Barnes, founder of Myofascial Release. In this section, John discusses what facilitates Myofascial Release and how it is an art, distinct from regular massage. Hear John explain about Western

Radical Expansion: 3 Yoga Poses for an Open Heart Space

When we use the term “open-hearted” to describe someone, what comes to mind is a person whose kindness extends to all. We can develop an open heart by practicing qualities such as those listed in the verse 1.33 of Patanjali’s

Yoga for Healthy Feet: TLC for Your Feet and Ankles

On the list of reasons people practice yoga, maintaining the health of their feet and ankles is rarely in the top five. And yet, these parts of the body are so vital for wellbeing. Your feet form your foundation and

Extend Your Spine! How Backbending Supports Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health

Most people are aware that the regular practice of yoga can have a positive effect on our physical health. By stretching and strengthening muscles, we improve the functioning of our musculoskeletal system. This is fairly intuitive and easy for people

Sing Out! How Chanting Trains Your Brain

My family and I went to Spain last summer, so not long ago before we left I started taking Spanish lessons. And even though I already speak two languages, boy was it difficult! I could feel my brain at times

Myofascial Unwinding: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

Myofascial unwinding is a term coined by John Barnes to describe a type of physical movement that comes from a higher intelligence which he often describes as a “feeling” (rather than a “thinking”) intelligence. I remember the first time I attended John’s unwinding