Five Ways Yoga Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

“You have cancer.” About half of all men and one-third of all women in the United States will hear those words in their lifetime. That’s 40 percent of us. We each hope it’s not us, but hope is not a plan.

Review: Tari Prinster’s Yoga for Cancer - Important New Resource for Cancer Survivors

Few things are more devastating than a diagnosis of cancer. People who get this sobering news often face a long, grueling treatment. And alas, even when the treatment is successful, they often have to contend with unpleasant side effects that

Yoga and Healing After Cancer - Interview with Tari Prinster

In the movie “Yoga Woman,” Tari Prinster tells the moving story about her struggle with cancer and how yoga helped her heal and recover after the treatment. Tari has since become a leading force in teaching yoga to cancer survivors,

Preventing Cancer - Can the Mediterranean Diet Reduce the Risk of Cancer?

A Mediterranean diet is much more than some trendy weight loss plan. In addition to helping people shed extra pounds, it has been shown to provide some major positive effects on health in a number of ways, including protection from


I’ve always thought of tapas, (the third niyama not the Spanish appetizers), as it is most often defined: “burning or heating in order to purify.” So, of course, that brings to my mind a nice, sweaty yoga class where  those

The First Niyama: Saucha

In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali delineated the eight limbs of yoga. These precepts are intended as guidelines to living a life with meaning and purpose. They may be seen as a kind of map for seekers of greater happiness and spiritual

Protecting the Elbow Complex During Yoga

Hand balances are a common part of many yoga classes. We often place weight on our hands as we progress through our poses.  We may move from a Bird Dog Pose (Parsva Balasana) variation, to Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha

The Big Thing We Yoga Teachers Must Remember When We Tell Students "Listen to Your Body"

“Listen to your body” has become a widely disseminated instruction in the yoga world. It’s an important one, a skill that reaches out into life off the mat. But when we tell students to listen to their bodies, we teachers

The 5 Biggest Toxic Household Cleaners and 6 Healthy Solutions for a Naturally Cleaner Home

Chances are, there are cleaning products in your home that contain harmful ingredients. Eliminating these dangerous chemicals is important to maintaining your optimal health. After all, you certainly wouldn’t willingly drink some of these ingredients. So why would you use

Yoga Pose Primer: 6 Steps to a Beautiful and Safe Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Upward Bow Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana), which is often referred to as Full Wheel or simply a backbend, is an essential asana for spinal extension, opening and lengthening the spine and deeply stretching the shoulders and chest. However, most students have

How Yoga for MS Can Help (And It's Not Just About The Poses)

The scientific community is becoming more—well, flexible—when it comes to attitudes about yoga and its role in alleviating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Until recently, the effects of the practice on MS had never been subjected to rigorous scientific inquiry, and

If You Bring One Thing to Your Yoga Practice, Make It This

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali delineated the eight limbs of yoga. These precepts are intended as guidelines to living a life with meaning and purpose. They may be seen as a kind of map for seekers of greater happiness and spiritual

The Surprising Way Paying Attention Can Relieve Stress (Plus 7 Steps to Use)

Is your mind wandering? The Practice: Pay attention. Why? Moment to moment, the flows of thoughts and feelings, sensations and desires, and conscious and unconscious processes sculpt your nervous system like water gradually carving furrows and eventually gullies on a

New International Fascia Research Congress Reports on Cutting-Edge Fascia Research

Over the past decades, fascia has become the focus of intense research efforts, as medical researchers increasingly realize that fascia is not an inert tissue, as previously assumed, but rather plays a critical role in all bodily functions and structures. Every

How Yoga Can Help Back Pain: 3 Poses to Try!

I’ve recently had a private client who has a diagnosed spinal condition, making it necessary for me to significantly modify my yoga instruction for him. Even so, the amount of additional length in his spine that came from but one