Nourishing the Prana Body for Long-term Health and Vitality: A Q&A With Ayurvedic Doctor Charlotte Bech

Charlotte Bech, M.D., is one of the many “traditional” health care providers who has embraced Ayurvedic medicine as part of their practice. She spoke to us about treating patients holistically, how our state of mind impacts our health. YogaUOnline: You’re

Yoga and Weight Loss: How Much of a Calorie Blaster Is Bikram Yoga Really?

Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, has soared in popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to its reputation as a “calorie blaster.” Some studios claim their Bikram classes will help you burn as many as 1,000 calories

Yoga Tips for Improved Posture Support: A Q&A With Julie Gudmestad

Julie Gudmestad is a physical therapist and Iyengar yoga teacher dedicated to making yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of body type or age. She spoke to us about the importance of good posture for back health, and how yoga can

Why Yoga Research Has a Long Way to Go

As a scientist it is my nature to be somewhat of a skeptic. Skepticism isn’t about negativity. It means having a certain degree of discriminative awareness, particular when reviewing research. I am also a yoga teacher, educator and therapist. I

Yoga for Healthy Aging: Study Finds Yoga Improves Common Age-related Heart and Brain Changes

Aging is more than just gray hair and forehead wrinkles—getting older takes a toll on every part of our bodies, especially our cardiovascular and nervous systems. But a new study suggests that there’s something we can do to reverse the