7 Ways Yoga Keeps Chronic Pain from Wearing You Down

I recently met with one of my students for a private yoga session to address her continued experience of chronic pain. For this student, a combination of age-related changes to her spine and musculoskeletal system, as well as ongoing side

Movement Transformations Part 2: Understanding the Nature of Functional Movement

In Part 1, Peter Blackaby explores our shifting understanding of the nature of movement from a mechanical model to an emphasis on the holistic, functional nature of movement. In this article, he goes more deeply into what functional movement is, and what it

Anatomy Trains, Yoga and the Power of Connections: An Interview with Tom Myer

Tom Myers is the author of Anatomy Trains, a book that reimagines our anatomy as an interconnected, holistic system instead of a series of independent parts. In this interview he talks about how the Anatomy Trains concept can help yoga

Finding Equanimity and Grace: A Meditation on Breast Cancer

Why Practice Mindfulness? Last July, I had the good fortune to sit an 18-day meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, California. After 28 years of attending Vipassana retreats I’m aware that they are always a challenge,

Green Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl

Why wait for fall to enjoy delicious pumpkin dishes!? Try this yummy, colorful and nutritious green pumpkin smoothie bowl brought to you by Kale & Chocolate's Elise Museles. Two for the price of one! All the flavors and nutrients of the pumpkin

Movement Transformations: From Isolated Parts to Holistic Patterns - Part 1

When we consider movement in humans (or animals for that matter), we must start out with the understanding that there is no such thing as a prescription for perfect movement. It is sometimes tempting to think we could hone the

Osteoporosis, Vertebral Fractures and Dowager’s Hump—The Role of Hyperkyphosis

For anyone diagnosed with osteoporosis, there are two main concerns—increased risk of hip fractures and vertebral fractures. Vertebral compression fractures caused by the thin bone mass of osteoporosis have long been thought to cause hyperkyphosis, or the dowager’s hump that inflict many elderly.

Navigating Cancer Treatment: How Yoga Can Help

While most of us have been touched by breast cancer in some way—from our own experience or that of family members and friends—we aren’t necessarily aware of strategies for early detection and for supporting ourselves and our loved ones who

Yoga Reduces the Stress of In Vitro Fertilization Study Shows

For millions of couples, infertility can be one of the most stressful situations they deal with in their relationship. In fact, some say it can be as stressful as dealing with a fatal disease such as cancer. For many, in

Practicing Karma Yoga: Yoga Reaches Out

As we know, yoga began not as a “workout” but as a path of spiritual and personal development. Accordingly, service to others, seva, selfless service in the Sanskrit translation, was one of yoga’s original components. Karma yoga, another branch of

Coconut Curry Soup

With all the anti-inflammatory spices and just enough heat, this healing soup will warm you up from the inside out. The addition of kale to the traditional combination of coconut and curry gives this classic dish a modern and healthy twist. Serve over

Chronic Inflammation and Yoga

Ever experienced an unexplained excruciating pain in the joints, ankles, or knees that lasted for some time and then subsided? Or, maybe when you bent your fingers to hold some object, you experienced a burning pain in your fingers so

Living Gracefully With the Financial Challenges of Teaching Yoga

If you’re like me, you probably decided to teach yoga because of your desire to share the practice you cherish. Back in 1982 when I made the decision to pursue training to teach, the economy and the yoga community was

How To Find Your Anchor in Balancing Poses

Have you ever noticed how reading in the back seat of the car makes you queasy? How the Body Creates Balance This response is pretty typical since it reflects a conflict between three main sensory inputs that inform our sense of

Do Your Bones Affect Your Mood? The Surprising Bone-Brain Link

Does our skeleton—and bones—play a role for our health and wellbeing beyond ‘just’ holding up our body, as previously assumed? Indeed, research now indicates that hormones produced as part of building bone mass may be central to energy usage, reproduction, and