Yoga, Tuna, and Heat

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 5 years now and teaching for almost as long. I love my vinyasa practice and I enjoy a good Kundalini yoga class when I get the chance. I’d heard about Bikram yoga and

How the Brain Continually Changes and Reorganizes Itself

Until the 1970s, it was strongly believed in the emerging neuroscientific community that there were two certainties: 1) the brain and its neurons were fixed and could not be modified, and 2) it was impossible for new neurons to manifest.

Yoga May Ease The Symptoms of Prenatal Depression, Research Finds

Most women have heard of postpartum depression, but prenatal depression is surprisingly common as well, affecting as many as 10 to 15 percent of women during pregnancy. Prenatal depression is a little recognized condition, which can lead to numerous immediate

4 Surprising Facts about Longevity

Want to know the secret to longevity? Psychology matters at least as much as biology. Have you ever noticed that in spite of the media blitz urging you to eat veggies and pump weights, some of the most health-conscious people

What Makes a Good Yoga Class (And is it Similar to a Good Movie)?

You know how sometimes you go to a yoga class and leave feeling more centered, energized and whole? And other times you leave feeling more fragmented and discombobulated?  Why is that? Certainly, everybody’s response to any given class is highly

Neuroplasticity, Yoga, and Transformation – How Yoga Affects Your Brain

Think you’re just exercising your body when you’re at the gym or on your yoga mat? Think again. Neuroscience has proven that yoga and other exercise are just as good for your brain as they are the rest of you.

Just One Thing: Let It Go

Most people, me included, are holding onto at least one thing way past its expiration date. It could be a belief, perhaps that your hair is falling out and you are ugly and unlovable as a result, that you can’t

Teaching Yoga: Learning to Listen to the Body and Mind

Taking the time to respond to the truths of our bodies and minds in our yoga practice allows us to discover what is uniquely best for each of us, and integrate this wisdom into future practice, writes blogger and yoga

6 Inspiring Quotes That Can Change Your Life

When I am having a rough day—when I feel tired, sad, doubtful, or stressed—I spend time looking up inspirational quotes. I’ve memorized several, pulling them out when need be. These quotes are simple but they can help me turn a

Yoga is America’s New Favorite Complementary Therapy, A New Survey Finds

Americans are turning to complementary health approaches more than ever before to reduce pain, improve health and wellbeing, and relieve the side effects of standard medicine. And, yoga is one of the most popular and fastest growing alternative therapies among

More Pain than Gain: Pitfalls of Spinal Fusion Highlight Importance of Prevention

Yet another reason to hit your yoga mat to prevent chronic back pain issues! A new epidemiological study indicates that spinal fusion, a common surgical procedure for back pain, puts patients at a 29% greater risk of developing adjacent segment

Anatomy of Breathing - Benefits of Deepening Your Breath

Attention to breathing synchronizes many of the functions of the body. Our breath flows as life-giving oxygen into the blood, which carries it to every part of the body, where it provides a critical part of energy production in cells.

Sciatica Treatments: Comparing Yoga Therapy with Corticosteroid Shots

Sciatica can be excruciatingly painful and can make normal life seem out of reach. The treatments available are expensive and have side effects, but your yoga practice can prevent and alleviate sciatic pain. Steroid shots have side effects and have

Researchers Recommend Yoga to Help Low Back Pain

A recently published comprehensive review and statistical analysis of all studies available up to 2012 on the use of yoga for low back pain is recommending the use of yoga as a complementary therapy to help lower back pain. The

Dr. Loren Fishman Publishes Study Indicating that Yoga Can Reduce Scoliosis by 40 Percent

Can a single yoga pose, held for an average of only 1.5 minutes a day, six days a week reduce scoliosis by an average of 40 percent in as little as six months? This appears to be the implication of