How Yoga Therapy Helps Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

People who suffer from high blood pressure often wonder if there are ways to lower blood pressure naturally. Well, indeed, there is. Diet and exercise are already well-known remedies for high blood pressure. Less well known, perhaps, is that yoga

Profile: Dr. Dean Ornish - Pioneering Yoga as Lifestyle Therapy

 It has long been recognized that a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating foods that lower cholesterol  and engaging in regular exercise to help lower blood pressure naturally, may help reverse some of the factors involved in causing heart disease. What

Some Surprising (and Not so Surprising) Signs You’ll Live to 100

Ever wondered what it would take to live to 100? Well, it's not just about eating your veggies and doing your yoga or any other type of exercise you may like to engage in. From MSNBC, here comes a to-do

Yoga Therapy RX Certification Program

The Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California is home to the first-college certified Yoga Therapy program in the United States. The course combines the ancient eastern science of yoga with the contemporary western health sciences of anatomy and physiology.