Strength Building: How Long to Hold Poses

In the past, I have given some guidelines on how to use yoga poses to increase or maintain the strength of both your bones and muscles. Based on some new information I have learned, I’d like to revisit my guidelines

Judith Hanson Lasater on The Art of Yoga: Making Every Movement an Asana

Judith Hanson Lasater is one of the longest-teaching yoga teachers in the U.S. In this interview, she reflects on how yoga teaching has changed over the years and shares her insights into what is the true essence of practicing yoga

Yoga Shows Promise as Complementary Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation

Researchers in Sweden recently looked at the effects of yoga on people suffering from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Their findings are good news for those suffering from this widespread heart condition. Those in the study who practiced yoga had a higher

No Muscle Is an Island - Why Training Individual Muscles Doesn't Cut It

A mindset has emerged over the years where specific muscles are viewed as the culprits for all physical deconditioning or dysfunction. Want a six-pack? Work those abs. Having difficulty walking? You must need gluteus medius strengthening. Back pain? Activate those

Body-Positive Yoga: The Aging Body in Yoga

I found my first grey hair when I was 22. It wasn’t completely shocking. My mother’s hair was “brindled” grey-black for as long as I could remember before it transitioned to luminous white. I never thought seriously about dyeing it.

Controversial Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose): Is it Necessary to Lengthen Both Sides of the Torso?

As yoga teachers we know that the way we move in and out of the pose is just as important as what we do while holding the pose. It couldn’t be more true for Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose). The

Yoga For Heart Health

Those familiar with yoga understand that the practice works with individuals as whole people–body, mind and soul. Yoga is also coming into the medical mainstream, with the medical world beginning to recognize its benefits as a treatment form, when combined

How to Use Nutation to Refine Uttanasana Part ll - A Fringe Benefit

In our last post, Part I of this series on Uttanasana, we explained nutation and gave a trick for engaging the tensor fascia lata (TFL) and gluteus medius. Contracting these muscles allows us to access movement at the sacroiliac joint and

Your Body’s Bottleneck – How Your Neck Affects Your Health

You know that your heart, organs and lungs are critical for your health. But your neck?! In fact, the neck is a delicate part of the body, and when neck health is compromised, it can affect you in many ways.

Yoga for the Bendy—Learning to Back Off

My earliest recollection of being an über-bendy person is from when I took ballet lessons. I was about eight years old. The first time we went into side splits and bent forward, I was surprised to see that no one

Yoga Games for Families

Many people believe, and for very good reasons, that the family is the foundation of society. In an ever-changing world, however, factors including high divorce rates and technology-driven shifts in communication can threaten that important cornerstone. In “The most important

4 Steps to Minimize the Stress on the Intervertebral Discs

Did you know that astronauts get taller in space? According to NASA studies, when the spine is not exposed to the pull of Earth’s gravity, the intervertebral discs expand and as a result the spine gets a bit longer. That

Diastasis: Zip It Up!

Diastasis: Close the Gap Commonly referred to as the "post-partum pooch," Diastasis—a separation of the abdominal muscles—affects a surprising number of people: research indicates that up to two thirds of pregnant women develop it. And it's not just a "post-partum"

6 Yoga Poses to Counteract the Effects of Sitting

According to a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the average person sits for more than half the day. We spend long hours sitting at our desks in front of the computer, in the car getting to and from

5 Fun Yoga Poses for Parents and Kids

Looking for a way to connect with your child while having fun and getting some exercise? Try partner yoga! "Practicing partner yoga is a great way to facilitate communication and connection," says Mira Binzen, co-founder of Global Family Yoga. "It teaches