Chair Yoga Improves Balance in Alzheimer’s Patients, A New Study Shows

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive form of dementia that causes impairments in attention, memory, thinking and behavior. A new study finds that the Sit ‘N’ Fit Chair Yoga Program can help to significantly improve the balance control of older adults

The Jury is Still Out on the Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Low blood levels of vitamin D are linked to several diseases and may increase risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, but firm universal conclusions about its benefits cannot be drawn. Unfortunately, taking supplements to raise vitamin D levels,

Why Osteoporosis in Men Is a Greater Health Risk Than Most People Think

Did you realize that men over 50 have a greater risk of osteoporosis-related fractures than of getting prostate cancer?  In fact, about one in four 50+ men will break a bone due to osteoporosis during their lifetime, reports Harvard Health. Although

Yoga is Good for Your Heart New Research Concludes

Wondering how to best prevent heart disease and stroke as you get older—without drugs and unwanted side effects? Consider taking up a regular yoga practice. According to a new review and meta-analysis of 44 randomized studies on the effects of