Yoga for Caregivers

The hidden toll of illness is the one it takes on the spouses and family members of the person who’s fighting the disease: caregivers dealing with increased responsibility and stress find that it directly impacts their health and well-being. “Sometimes

Essential Oils For Your Yoga Practice

Yoga: the perfect union of body, mind and - nose?  It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds: Incorporating aromatherapy into your yoga practice is a great way to maximize the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Aromatherapy is the application

Yoga for Women with Chronic Back Pain

A study from the University of York in York, U.K., has found that yoga improves back functionality in people—particularly women—who suffer from chronic lower back pain.  Researchers examined 300 subjects who had suffered from chronic back pain for an average

4 Easy Recipes to Increase Calcium Intake Naturally

Without a doubt, calcium is one of the most important minerals, not just for the bones but for the body as a whole. In addition to maintaining strong bones and teeth, calcium helps remove toxins from the colon and it