Can Yoga Therapy Ease the Emotional Craving for Food?

Bulimia Nervosa, or simply Bulimia, is a well-known eating disorder in which people binge on food and then engage in compensatory behavior such as purging, fasting and over-exercising to eliminate the excess food eaten. Bulimia may seem like a great

Yoga Helps Veterans Cope with Stress, Depression

Veterans of U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq may take heart in the results of several studies showing that regular yoga practice helps ease depression and other symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. While the beneficial effects of

YOGA for Youth: Bringing Yoga to Troubled Kids

Many kids who have difficulty managing the challenges they face and stumble along the road end up in camps and detention centers. When they get out, they are very vulnerable and likely to return to the behavioral pattern that got

Plus-Size Yoga for Natural Weightloss

Yoga is a $3 billion industry in the U.S., but the way it is marketed often makes yoga seem appropriate only for thin, young and very flexible bodies. This approach is a misrepresentation of what yoga really is. Yoga is

Depressed? Yoga Helps Balance Mood-Regulating Hormones

Everyone has had those moments where life no longer feels worth living. Many can, after a good cry or a few rounds with a punching bag, pick up and move on. Sometimes, however, it's just not that easy. Over 15

Yogic Breathing for Depression and Stress Relief

When was the last time that you breathed correctly? Seems like a trick question, right? After all, you breathe all the time, without even thinking about it. However, while our bodies breathe naturally throughout each day, most of us are

Generalized Yoga Therapy Training: Viniyoga

The American Viniyoga Institute was founded by Gary Kraftsow, a leading proponent of yoga therapy in the U.S. The yoga taught at the American Viniyoga is inspired by the teachings of Indian yoga masters T.K.V. Desikachar and T. Krishnamacharya, with

Highschoolers Petition for Yoga Classes

You've heard of high schoolers petition for modified academic requirements or for improved canteen menus. But yoga? Kids at the Tuscon High Magnet School recently stepped it up a notch, submitting a petition for continuing yoga classes at their school.

LifeForce Yoga for Depression

Yoga teacher Amy Weintraub writes of the "fog of depression" that weighed on her for years and years. A life-changing turning point came when until she attended a weekend yoga retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Since that

Profile: LifeForce Founder Amy Weintraub

"The Yogis believe that we become depressed because we become blocked and constricted," says Amy Weintraub, founder of LifeForce Yoga and author of Yoga for Depression. "Yoga therapy can help clear the space and remove the constrictions-no matter what form

Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs

Yoga teachers interested in working with children with special needs will find it to be a very rewarding and gratifying act of service. Yoga therapy for children has proved to be an effective healing and learning tool for children with

Generalized and Specialized Yoga Therapy Training - Which Is Best?

Many yoga teachers are motivated by their own experiences with the health benefits of yoga to help others by deepening their skills through yoga therapy training. Yoga therapy is an emerging alternative healing modality, which is becoming increasingly widespread as

4 Ways in Which Yoga Benefits Kids

The benefits of yoga for kids extend into many facets of their lives, including the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Children's bodies and minds are much like soft clay or putty that can be shaped and molded as they grow

A Healthy Lifestyle Helps Combat Depression

Depression affects nearly 19 million people within the U.S. and is one of the most common illnesses. Depression is a serious illness, but there is good news-- there are many ways to combat depression without relying only on prescription medication.